Estonia delivers Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

Estonia has delivered a package of weapons and military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including a batch of Javelin anti-tank guided missiles, as stated by the Estonian Ministry of Defence.


The package also encompasses machine guns, small arms ammunition, and diving equipment.

Estonian Defence Minister Hano Pevkur expressed satisfaction with the arrival of another aid package in Ukraine, highlighting its utilization by Ukrainian defenders.

He emphasized the significance of continuous large-scale military aid to Ukraine in the context of recent European developments, sending a strong message to the Kremlin of unwavering support for Ukraine until a victorious conclusion.



Since 2022, Estonia’s military assistance to Ukraine has amounted to nearly EUR 500 million, representing approximately 1.4 percent of its gross domestic product.

Previously, Estonia has contributed Javelin anti-tank missiles, howitzers, artillery ammunition, anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars, vehicles, communication equipment, field hospitals, medical supplies, and personal protective equipment.



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