Estonia opens maintenance workshop for K9 artillery systems

By Defence Industry Europe

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investments (ECDI) has officially opened a new workshop in Tapa dedicated to the maintenance of indirect fire weapons, marking a significant advancement in the country's defence infrastructure. The new facility will service the Estonian Defence Forces’ K9 self-propelled howitzers and 120-mm towed mortars.


During the inauguration, Ando Voogma, North and North-eastern Portfolio Manager at ECDI, stressed the strategic importance of maintenance for sustaining the durability and combat readiness of new weapon systems. “This new workshop enhances our nationwide capabilities for indirect fire weapons. We already have a storage facility for the K9 in Southern Estonia and are soon to begin construction on a maintenance and training garage in Tapa,” Voogma explained.


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Previously, the maintenance of such weapons was performed within the limited facilities of the artillery battalion or the Support Command’s other technology workshop, which were not ideally equipped for handling large self-propelled howitzers. Captain Tõnis Tulp from the Support Command outlined the enhancements the new facility will bring: “With this dedicated infrastructure specifically created for indirect fire weapons, operations will become more efficient and streamlined.”

The maintenance of the K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer, in particular, involves complex procedures that require specialized equipment and facilities. “Technical challenges, such as replacing the turret and barrel, require specialized lifting equipment and a sufficiently tall building. This new facility is equipped to handle all these tasks,” Tulp added.


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The workshop, designed by AS Reasant and constructed by the Revlin Group, represents a 5.4 million euro investment and covers a net area of 1580 square meters. It is equipped with storage spaces, a wash area for self-propelled howitzers, a classroom capable of hosting twenty people, a kitchen, and changing rooms, providing comprehensive support for the maintenance and training of military personnel.

Mikk Jalak, Head of the Budgeting Department at Revlin Group, emphasized the collaborative effort behind this project: “We are proud to contribute to our national defence. We appreciate the collaboration with ECDI, the building’s designer AS Reasant, and our partners.”



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