Eurofighter jets from UK and Spain conduct NATO joint flying training in Romania

Story by Royal Air Force Media and Comms office and Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

Eurofighter Typhoons from the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Spanish Air Force conducted a joint air training exercise from Mihail Kogalniceanu in Romania.


Two RAF Typhoon fighter went up against two Typhoons the Spanish Air Force in a training exercise simulating both an air to air and air to ground attack. The two nations planned the mission together and whilst in the air the Spanish pilots simulated an enemy force for the RAF.

For nearly four weeks RAF personnel from 140 Expeditionary Air Wing and IX Squadron have been supporting NATO’s Air Policing mission from Mihail Kogaliceanu Air Base. The 14th Wing of the Spanish Air Force joined them for two weeks. Both Air Forces regularly integrate their training together with the goal that both Allies can learn from each other’s experiences and skills.


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“It’s amazing to be out here to train with the other NATO air forces.” said Flight Lieutenant Wilkinson, Pilot of the Royal Air Force “It adds a new element to what we do in terms of training and it’s good to see how they operate versus how we do things as well, so it’s good for everyone involved” he added.

Enhanced Air Policing deployments are planned in advance and rotate between NATO Allied Air Forces, they ensure collective deterrence and defence protecting and securing the integrity of NATO’s airspace.


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“I think it’s really important to operate with the NATO allies. First of all, with the UK specifically, we share the platform, we share weapons and armament.” Said Lieutenant Jose S. Caamaño Sanchez, Pilot of the Spanish Air Force “it’s a great experience and a great opportunity to share tactics, techniques, also to share maintenance and to learn from each other” he added.

The RAF will continue to operate Quick Reaction Alert for the NATO Enhanced Air Policing mission in Romania until they hand over to the Spanish Air Force in August. They will protect the skies at the eastern flank with Romanian and other Allies’ fighter aircraft.




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