European Union discusses EUR 5 billion revamp for Ukraine military aid

Source: Bloomberg, Defence Industry Europe

The European Union is considering a significant overhaul of its Ukraine military aid approach, shifting from sending weapons from existing stockpiles to a joint weapon procurement and training focus. Bloomberg reports that the European External Action Service (EEAS) has proposed a new EUR 5 billion Ukraine Assistance Fund.


The current system, under the European Peace Facility (EPF), faces challenges such as delays and disagreements, as unanimous support is needed for fund allocation. The proposed fund aims to unify member state views, offering fixed reimbursement rates and encouraging joint European-Ukrainian industry initiatives.


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Key aspects of the new fund include joint procurement of both lethal and non-lethal support, and continued training for Ukrainian troops. This approach is designed to complement bilateral aid and focuses on urgent needs like artillery, specialized munitions, drones, air defense, and non-lethal support.


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Despite some member states advocating for sourcing weapons from a broader range of suppliers, the EEAS proposal emphasizes prioritizing EU industry. The plan includes setting specific targets, timetables for deliverables, and the possibility of annual funding increases until 2027.


Source: Bloomberg.



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