French fighter jets conduct deployment to Romania supporting NATO Air Shielding

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office based on input from the French Air and Space Force

Three French Rafale fighter jets have arrived in Romania for an Agile Combat Employment supporting NATO Air Shielding activities.


“At the request of the Romanian and NATO authorities, the French Air and Space Force operates three of its Rafale fighter jets out of Fetesti Air Base from October 16 to 22 to conduct air defence missions in close cooperation with the Romanian Air Force and the French MAMBA surface-based air defence system deployed at Capu Midia,” said Colonel Pierre Gaudilliere, spokesperson of the French joint defence staff.



“Through our support for NATO Air Shielding missions and contribution to the enhanced Vigilance Activities, France is fully committed to the security of the Allies,” Colonel Gaudilliere, added.

During their stay, the French Rafale will conduct a variety of advanced training drills with the Romanian F-16 fighters, demonstrating cohesion and interoperability among Allies.



The Agile Combat Employment (ACE) of Allied fighter aircraft is one means of increasing the survivability and operational effectiveness of NATO aircraft and systems. ACE deployments contribute to agility and flexibility and to avoid being too predictable and easily targeted. The concept allows NATO air forces to develop speed and responsiveness to deploy and redeploy as required.



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