GDELS and Clavister present new cybersecure digital vehicle architecture

Source: GDELS, Clavister

Based upon the newly established technology partnership with Swedish cybersecurity specialist Clavister, GDELS has further enhanced the digital vehicle architecture of its military mobility solutions with advanced cybersecurity technology including artificial intelligence.

This innovation will provide GDELS’ vehicles battlefield superiority regarding situational awareness, maneuverability, firepower, and protection. Clavister’s cybersecurity solution protects and defends against known as well as unknown cyber threats, enhancing GDELS’ vehicles survivability and allowing them to ‘continue to operate’ by all means at all times.

“Increased interdependence and digitization in the battlefield demands advanced cyber protection in our vehicles. Because of its innovative expertise in cybersecurity, Clavister is a perfect technology partner for GDELS. Today, having proper cybersecurity countermeasures is an unquestionable requirement for us”, said Jose Lineros, Vice President Engineering of GDELS.

John Vestberg, CEO of Clavister said, “I am very excited about this new partnership with General Dynamics European Land Systems. Our cyber security capacity together with GDELS’ dedication to provide world class military mobility will ensure that the benefits of digitization are made available to those who protect and defend us when they need them the most.”



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