Germany and Belgium order Night Vision Goggles through OCCAR

By Defence Industry Europe

OCCAR-EA, the European intergovernmental organization managing cooperative armament programs, has announced a significant expansion of the night vision capabilities shared by Belgium and Germany. This comes with the third amendment to their Night Vision Goggles Contract, signed by OCCAR-EA Director Joachim Sucker.


Under the new amendment, a substantial order of 16,041 MIKRON Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Sets and 8,423 Head Mounting Systems will be procured for Germany, along with an initial In-Service Support for these systems. This is in addition to nearly 20,000 MIKRON NVG sets previously delivered to both nations since 2021, highlighting the ongoing enhancement of night vision technology in European defence.



The NVG systems are supplied by the consortium of HENSOLDT Optronics GmbH and THEON Sensors SA, both leading firms in optical defence technologies. The MIKRON NVG, noted for its lightweight, dual tube binocular design, can be operated in multiple modes including helmet-mounted, head-mounted, or hand-held configurations. Enhanced with an integrated infrared illuminator and capable of running on a single AA battery or a remote battery pack for extended use, the MIKRON system is designed for flexibility and endurance in field operations.


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German officials have expressed satisfaction with the progress of the Belgian-German Night Vision Capability (NVC) Programme, emphasizing the strengthened night vision capacities and the robust cooperation between the two nations. The program not only boosts the operational interoperability of dismounted forces and vehicle drivers but also aims to reduce the logistical footprint in operational theaters.



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