Germany and Norway enhance defence and security cooperation

Source: Ministry of Defence of Norway, Defence Industry Europe

On September 12, the defence ministries of Germany and Norway signed an agreement to deepen and broaden the cooperation between the countries.


“I highly appreciate the strategic bilateral cooperation in regards to security- and defence policy. It is of mutual interest that we continue to deepen and broaden this cooperation. By signing this DoI we are signalling a mutual will to further develop a joint strategic partnership,” says Minister of Defence of Norway Bjørn Arild Gram.

“German and Norwegian soldiers have been standing shoulder to shoulder in international operations, as well as during operations in Norway and in the Baltic. Germany was a main contributor to the Trident Juncture Exercise and Cold Response 2022,” says Gram.

“Norway and Germany are long-standing and close partners in defence procurements. We have recently entered into a long-term, strategic partnership on submarines and missiles, which is valuable and beneficial for both nations.”



“Germany and Norway share common interests and values. These will remain a firm anchor of our bilateral relations and form the basis for enhanced cooperation between our two countries in the future. We want to further strengthen the capacity of NATO and Europe to take action in matters of security policy. We, the Defence Ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of Norway, have agreed to enhance the bilateral co-operation in the area of security and defence and thereby further develop the quality of the relations between the armed forces of our two countries,” says Gram.


Maritime Security

“We are very happy with the close cooperation between our navies. Since the sabotage against Nordstream 1 and 2, Norway has increased its military posture around energy-related infrastructure, including sub-sea infrastructure in the North Sea,” says Minister of Defence of Norway.

“The strategic maritime material cooperation between Norway and Germany is strong. The cooperation is still growing stronger as our main programs, the submarine- and missile program, progresses according to plan,” says Gram.




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