Germany approves export of Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

A spokesperson of the German government confirmed that Berlin has approved the export of Leopard 1 main battle tanks to Ukraine from stocks of defence industry. Earlier the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” newspaper reported it unofficially.

“I can confirm that an export permit has been issued,” said German government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit at the press conference on Friday. He did not disclose any details about this permission.

However, according to the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”, the German company Rheinmetall plans to sell 88 Leopard 1 main battle tanks to Ukraine. The total cost of these tanks, after repair and preparation for combat, may amount to over EUR 100 million.

As Defence Industry Europe reported, in mid-January CEO of Rheinmetall Armin Papperger told that the company has 88 Leopard 1 main battle tanks in stock.



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