Germany to support Armed Forces of Ukraine with 180,000 artillery shells

Source: Reuters, Defence Industry Europe

Germany will fund 180,000 rounds of artillery shells as part of a Czech-led initiative to supply Ukraine with ammunition, Reuters reported.


The total cost of Germany’s contribution to the ammunition initiative is EUR 576 million, marking a substantial financial commitment in support of Ukraine’s defence capabilities against Russian forces.

This announcement is part of Germany’s continuing efforts to support Ukraine, despite the recent delays in military aid from the US and the under-delivered EU pledges, which promised a million shells to help Kyiv sustain its defence along the sprawling 1,000-kilometer front line.



The backdrop of this assistance is a landscape of heightened tension and warfare, where artillery fire plays a pivotal role in the conflict dynamics between Ukraine and Russia.

Last month, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius disclosed a EUr 478 million aid package for Ukraine, which, notably, did not include support for the Czech ammunition initiative, sparking discussions on Germany’s stance and contributions.



During a press conference at the Contact Group on Ukraine’s Defence on 19 March, Pistorius highlighted the significant scope of the aid, which includes 10,000 artillery shells, 100 armored infantry vehicles, 100 transport vehicles, and the planned purchase of 180,000 artillery shells through the Czech-led initiative.

According to a German Defence Ministry spokesperson, “The total value of both support measures is therefore over one billion euros,” marking a milestone in Germany’s support for Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict.


Source: Reuters.



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