Green defence: VINCORION and the strategy to combat climate change


Climate change is also threatening Europe’s security. Armed forces contribute over five percent to global carbon emissions. Find out how the German technology company VINCORION is meeting the challenges with state-of-the-art power systems and a clear commitment to green defence. To this end, the company has written a white paper that provides in-depth insights from a political, scientific, and industrial perspective.


Climate change poses a serious threat to Europe and its strategic interests. The armed forces play a role in this, as they account for more than five percent of global carbon emissions. The need for an environmentally friendly defence policy that invests in green technologies is becoming increasingly clear. Climate change leads to considerable security risks, as extreme weather events such as storms, droughts, and floods not only restrict habitable and usable space, but also increase competition for limited resources – which is why they lead to new conflicts. In view of the challenges, it is in the interest of national security to reduce carbon emissions. This requires the armed forces to adapt in order to achieve the emissions targets set without compromising military capabilities.


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VINCORION, the technology company from Germany, would like to help contribute to the solution. For this reason, the company has published a strategy paper on environmental protection in the military. The company supplies military power systems that are engineered for green defence through low emissions and maximum reliability. In addition, VINCORION also manufactures the power supply for air defence systems and generators as well as weapon aiming systems for armored vehicles. The company uses state-of-the-art technology in its gensets to reduce fuel consumption. This not only leads to reduced carbon emissions, but also increases resilience and reduces logistical dependency.

Stefan Stenzel, managing director of VINCORION, emphasizes that their new devices can reduce carbon emissions from supplying power to air defence systems by an impressive 33 percent. A newly developed hybrid genset achieves significantly lower diesel consumption compared to older systems.



The white paper “What You Need to Know about Green Defence” provides an in-depth analysis of the decarbonization of the armed forces from a political, scientific, and industrial perspective. It answers key questions regarding the integration of climate change into Europe’s defence policy, the political goals, the scientific requirements, the concrete measures taken by countries such as the UK and Germany in the area of green defence, and the contribution of the defence industry.

To gain a deeper understanding of these issues and actively participate in the discussion, VINCORION invites you to download the full white paper. In doing so, you’ll play a role in raising awareness and developing concrete strategies for actions that can be taken within the framework of green defence. More Information: VINCORION.



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