GTS-30/N: new Slovak 30mm automatic cannon enters serial production

By Defence Industry Europe

Slovak defence company ZTS – Special (a subsidiary of the state-owned defense conglomerate DMD Group) has commenced the serial production of a newly-developed 30mm automatic cannon called GTS-30/N.

According to ZTS – Special, the serial production of the GTS-30/N automatic cannon was launched at the beginning of July.



The development of the new cannon is related to the Slovak Armed Forces’ new 8×8 Armored Personnel Carriers program. Under this program, the Slovak army will receive 76 Patria AMV XP 8×8 armored combat vehicles. As reported by Defence Industry Europe, the agreement for these vehicles was signed in August 2022. The contract provides deep involvement of the Slovak defence industry in the program.

The Slovak Armed Forces’ version of the Patria XP 8×8 vehicles will meet specific Slovak requirements. The vehicles will be equipped with the TURRA 30 unmanned turret developed by another Slovak defence company, EVPU (EVPU a.s., Nova Dubnica). The GTS-30/N automatic cannon will be integrated with this turret.


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The GTS-30/N automatic cannon uses NATO-standard 30x173mm ammunition. In this field, Slovakia is autonomous because another subsidiary of the state-owned defence industry holding DMD Group, the ZVS Holding, is a producer of this ammunition.



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