IDEX 2023: Rafael will present a portfolio of modern weapon systems

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company Rafael has identified a big potential market in the UAE and is taking steps to use this potential.

Rafael’s President & CEO M.G. (Ret.) Yoav Har-Evan inaugurated the new office in a ceremony with Emirati and Israeli officials, ushering in the historic occasion. Har-Even was joined by Mr. Amir Hayek, Israel’s Ambassador to the UAE, as well as by representatives from the UAE Government and industry.

According to Rafael, the new office will enable the company to explore opportunities in the region,  utilizing its culture of collaboration, excellence and innovation to create relationships with governments, customers and defense industry leaders. The Abu Dhabi office joins the ranks of RAFAEL’s global network of operations.

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yoav Har-Even, RAFAEL President & CEO said that the company is encouraged by yet another concrete step in strengthening RAFAEL’s ties with the UAE.

“We can now say that we have built the bridge to the United Arab Emirates by this inaugural investment and are excited to continue to expand the relationships that have been cultivated thus far”

In the upcoming IDEX 2023, Rafael will be exhibiting an array of defense solutions and innovative technologies, some for the first time at the UAE, including the IRON BEAM high energy laser weapon system (HELWS). The Iron Beam  is designed to augment the capabilities of air defense systems like the IRON DOME.

Beyond the array of advanced air defense solutions like the Iron Dome and the Spyder, Rafael has expanded its portfolio and upgraded systems to meet emerging threats. The Spyder air defense system has been upgraded to allow for the counter ballistic missile capability through an extended range of the Derby LR missile.

Another first at the UAE based exhibition will be RAFAEL’s NLOS Mission Task Force (NMT), which utilizes the world’s first 6th generation missile, the Spike NLOS. This will be displayed at the Rafael booth alongside manned and unmanned systems that are supported by Artificial Intelligence, UAS  management systems, and sophisticated robotics which allow for unprecedented situational awareness and flexibility for any force in the complex modern battlespace. This display will also feature new, unique capabilities that Rafael has developed and is offering for remote controlled weapon stations like the SAMSON.

Rafael’s focus at IDEX is also highlighted by the company’s new space portfolio. The research and development of new space capabilities will be represented through the LITESAT electro-optical earth observation system which functions as a microsatellite to provide high-resolution, geospatial data.

Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, Rafael has embraced the formalization of regional partnerships in the Gulf.  This partnership has involved close work on business opportunities and participation in both local and global exhibitions in the region and within the UAE. The new era officially commenced at the Dubai Air Show of 2021 and RAFAEL has only continued building and deepening our ties based on a shared vision of staying at the cutting-edge and finding the most advanced solutions to the threats that effect the region.


Other systems in focus:

Spice: SpiceFamily of Air-to-Surface Missiles: family of stand-off, autonomous, air-to-surface munitions provide pinpoint accuracy at high attack volumes, independent of GPS navigation, based on autonomous electro-optic scene matching artificial intelligence algorithms. Operational and combat proven in the Israel Air Force and others around the globe, the Spice family currently consists of the Spice 250, Spice 1000, and Spice 2000 variants.

Litening-5: the world’s most widely used targeting and navigation pod, Rafael’s Litening incorporates a wide array of sensors enabling target detection, recognition, identification. Known for its ability to shorten the sensor-to-shooter cycle, Litening provides electro-optical tracking of multiple dynamic and stationary targets. The Litening-5 provides advanced operational capabilities which enhance the fighter mission and effectiveness of combat range. It allows the operation of all types of air-to-surface smart weaponry, including laser-guided, GPS-guided, and EO/IR imaging guided munitions.

RecceLite: The reconnaissance pod allows for the collection of high-resolution images of wide areas from different spectral bands, either automatically or manually. RecceLite has the ability to measure precise topology and generate 3D models with real-time data processing and interpretation at ground stations. This advanced E-O system is operational in air forces around the world on a number of aircraft such as F-16, F-18, Jaguar, AMX, Tornado, Typhoon, Gripen, Heron 1 & Reaper.

Last year, Rafeel completed development of the system’s 3rd generation XR, the latest model of the advanced, state-of-the-art reconnaissance system.

BNET SDR Family: this family of advanced, tactical broadband IP-MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) Software Defined Radio (SDR) solutions provides reliable high-speed, low-delay connectivity for broadband data, voice and video on-the-move for ground and airborne platforms, HQs, and dismounted soldiers. These modular, multi-band, multi-channel, net-centric systems support unprecedented data rates and user numbers enabling all land, sea, and air units to participate in a single, seamless, scalable network. This industry leading comprehensive communications system includes vehicular (BNET-V), man-pack (BNET-MP) and handheld (BNET-HH) variations, and aerial connectivity for aircraft (BNET-AR). In October 2021, Rafael unveiled BNET Nano, a new variant small enough to fit within the palm of your hand.



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