Intracom Defense: WiSPRevo CIS selected for IRIS-T GBAD systems

Source: IDE, Defence Industry Europe

Greek company Intracom Defense (IDE) announces a new area of co-operation with Diehl Defence, with the decision for the deployment of IDE’s WiSPR evolution as the main voice and data Tactical Communication and Information System in DIEHL’s IRIS-T Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) units.


“This decision was preceded by extensive evaluation by Diehl, which proved the operational capabilities of WiSPRevo to fulfil the demanding requirements of IRIS-T GBAD for critical voice and data communication schemes, given the System’s robustness and adaptability, along with the flexibility to satisfy IP information exchange. These WiSPRevo attributes, together with its ease of integration and seamless interoperability with 3rd party systems, establish an effective solution, being the System of choice to support tactical communications for Diehl’s IRIS-T GBAD deployments,” Intracom Defense said in a press release.



According to Greek company, this initial contract comes as another acknowledgement of IDE’s persistence and continuous investment in the engineering design, development and manufacturing of advanced technology systems for the most demanding tactical communication environments.



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