Israeli company D-Fend unveils EnforceAir2 C-UAS system

By Arie Egozi

UAVs and drones have become a major threat to armed forces around the world. To counter it, many defense systems have been developed to deal with this growing problem.

But one is unique – Israeli company D-Fend has developed a radio frequency (RF), cyber-based, non-kinetic, non-jamming, counter-drone takeover technology.

In response to the fast-growing threat, the company has recently unveiled the new version of this system – the EnforceAir2.

According to Jeffrey Starr, Chief Marketing Officer of D-Fend, the system now comes with even more power, performance, portability, and range, all in a more compact and accessible system.

First, the uniqueness of the system: most defense systems against UAVs are based on either soft kill, disrupting the flying threat so it won’t pose a danger, or a hard kill, using different types of projectiles to shoot down the unmanned threat.

In many cases, this is not enough. So D-Fend developed a system that uses Cyber to actually take full control of the UAV or drone, and this after “interrogating” it to measure the level of threat.

Starr said that the new system has longer-Range Detection and Mitigation Coverage.

He added that the system overcomes limitations of traditional commercial off-the-shelf SDR platforms. “Multiple receivers and transmitters; powerful real-time processing; advanced RF technology; compliance with radio regulations.”

Starr pointed out the fact that the system can be used as a stationary one, a mobile one, and even one contained in a backpack.

“The system’s brand-new backpack deployment provides flexible on-the-move full capability protection for tactical and stealth operations in a compact ultra-mobile solution.”

Starr added that EnforceAir2’s multi-use deployment kit enables tactical teams to overcome deployment challenges and achieve total operational flexibility. This includes:

  • Quick set-up, locking, and release mechanisms for rapid conversions between deployments
  • Short to medium-term stationary deployment options for tactical teams
  • Tactical, Vehicular, Stationary, and Man-Portable (backpack) deployments
  • Best-in-Class SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) delivering unprecedented power and portability, in a compact, lightweight small form factor, with easy transport, and simple handling and set-up.

In a special demonstration for Defence Industry Europe, a company team operated the system. A drone approached the area where the system was located. It interrogated the drone and after it was defined as a hostile one, it took full control.

The drone stopped its flight toward, and then was sent back to a safe open space and was forced to land.

The company’s systems are being used around the world by military units and homeland security organizations.

“The system has protected many public events in a number of countries where a drone threat was on the threat list,” Starr said.



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