KNDS France offers the CAESAR 6×6 to meet the needs of the Malaysian artillery units

Source: KNDS France

KNDS France has announced the offering of the CAESAR 6x6 to meet the requirements of Malaysian artillery units. As the primary provider of artillery systems for Malaysia, KNDS France has solidified its position as a strategic industrial partner within the Malaysian defence industry.


The partnership between KNDS France and Malaysia has been marked by notable achievements, particularly the assembly and delivery of 18 units of 105mm LG 1 MKIII howitzers to the Malaysian army since 2018. This milestone not only underscores the mutual commitment to enhancing national defence capabilities but also highlights the excellence of local skills within the defence industry.



Expanding upon this successful collaboration, KNDS France, in conjunction with ADSSB, has committed to elevating their partnership by addressing the 155mm CAESAR self-propelled howitzer. These units will be assembled and integrated into the industrial facilities of ADSSB in Segamat, State of Johor. The integration of the CAESAR not only strengthens the Malaysian Army but also stimulates the local economy by creating job opportunities and fostering expertise in armaments.



Moreover, KNDS France and ADSSB are embarking on a proactive approach by exploring selected export markets for the 105mm LG1 MKIII, thereby generating additional value within the Malaysian ecosystem. This collaboration between KNDS and ADSSB serves as a model of cross-border cooperation, aimed at fortifying Malaysia’s defence capabilities and driving investment, particularly in the national defence industry.



At the forefront of defence innovation, KNDS France showcases a diverse array of cutting-edge defence systems, including the RAPIDFire 40mm close-in weapon system, ideal for neutralizing sea, air, and land threats. Additionally, the TITUS ARX 20 infantry fighting vehicle and the SERVAL 4×4 vehicle offer enhanced capabilities for counter-UAV warfare, thanks to the innovative ARX 30 turret. Visitors to the booth can also explore the NERVA robots, showcased by KNDS France’s partner, Harapan Erat.



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