LANCO signs contract with Bundeswehr to supply Einheitszelt II tents

By Defence Industry Europe

LANCO, a renowned supplier in the military and civil defence sectors, has been awarded a significant framework agreement by the Bundeswehr, the German Armed Forces. Under this new contract, LANCO will supply the Einheitszelt II (EHZ II) tents, a legacy model that has been a part of the Bundeswehr's inventory since the 1990s.



The EHZ II, also known as the multi-purpose tent (MPT II), incorporates features from LANCO’s RDT exoskeleton and INNOVA tent lines. These tents are known for their robustness, minimal ground preparation requirements, terrain adaptability, and compliance with military fabric standards. They are especially valued for their suitability in long-term deployments in harsh environments.



Designed for versatility and durability, the Einheitszelt II is an integral part of military infrastructure. It offers shelter for personnel and equipment during field operations. The tents are equipped with modular rigid floors and are packed in olive green metal racks, enhancing deployment efficiency.

The modular design of the EHZ II allows for flexibility to meet various mission requirements and is suitable for all climate zones. Each basic unit is 6.30 x 7.40 meters, extendable in 2.40-meter sections, and can be assembled without tools by 3-4 people. The tents can withstand winds of up to 120 km/h and a snow load of 50 kg/m².



LANCO’s commitment to meeting the high standards of the German military is evident in this agreement. The company has expressed its pride in continuing to deliver quality equipment to one of the world’s most advanced militaries. The agreement includes the supply of 200 Einheitszelt II tents, further strengthening the capabilities of the Bundeswehr.



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