Lithuania: two battalions fully equipped with Vilkas infantry fighting vehicles

By Defence Industry Europe

Lithuania has already received all the ordered Vilkas infantry fighting vehicles (the Lithuanian variant of the Boxer vehicle). In total, 91 combat vehicles (89 serial vehicles and 2 prototypes) have been delivered, as informed by the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence in a statement.


The last units of the Boxer (Vilkas) infantry fighting vehicles were delivered to Lithuania in December 2023. These vehicles have been allocated to two battalions that are part of the “Iron Wolf” brigade of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the ministry said in a statement.

“Our Infantry Fighting Vehicles boasting superior armor and crew protection against mines are among the best across NATO. These IFVs, the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles JLTV, PzH2000 howitzers, Javelin anti-tank unit and the RBS-70 short-range air defence unit means the Iron Wolf Brigade is a NATO brigade with the most advanced equipment and now multifold more capable,” says Lithuanian Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas.


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In August 2016, the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence, through the OCCAR organization, signed a contract with ARTEC (a joint venture established by Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann) worth approximately EUR 390 million for the purchase of Boxer infantry fighting vehicles.

“The number of infantry fighting vehicles in our Armed Forces have quadrupled in three years and all operation restrictions have been fixed. The IFVs are no capable of destroying tanks and other heavy armor targets with Spike missiles and neutralize smaller, lighter or not armored targets with the 30 mm cannon at the same time. Our Wolves will also get drone jamming and other electronic defence upgrades,” says Anušauskas.



Additionally, under separate contracts, Lithuania acquired 30mm Mk 44S Bushmaster II cannon ammunition and Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles. The defence ministry stated that the total program was allocated around EUR 670 million, including spare parts, operational materials, training services, and logistical support.

In May 2023, Defence Industry Europe reported that Lithuania planned to sign another contract with the ARTEC joint venture for an additional 120 Boxer (Vilkas) infantry fighting vehicles. The contract was initially expected to be signed in the summer of the previous year, but no details about it had been revealed.



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