Meprolight secures export order for thousands of MEPRO MOR sights

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company Meprolight will supply tens of thousands of its MEPRO MOR sights to a South American country. This sight has been developed based on the operational experience of the Israeli defence forces (IDF) infantry units.


According to the company, the MEPRO MOR sights effectively address three distinct needs within a single, sophisticated product – functioning as a battery-free passive reflector sight, a visible pointer, and an invisible IR pointer. Consequently, this advanced solution yields substantial cost savings, enveloping operational and maintenance expenses that would otherwise be incurred by deploying three separate sights. Additionally, the MEPRO MOR sights enhance mission flexibility, further elevating its utility and adaptability.



The sight’s battery-free reticle system enables accurate, fast, and instinctive firing at all times without the need to turn the sight ON. Even if the sight is switched OFF or has no batteries, its light-collecting fiber-optic and a tritium capsule ensure full-day and night reticle availability.

Developed based on IDF requirements, the MEPRO sights have been designed with a 30mm diameter lens to ensure easy and rapid target acquisition with both eyes open. It effectively supports instinctive close-range firing in urban and CQB conditions, as well as shooting at longer distances in open-terrain operations, while under harsh environmental conditions and combat stress.




The MEPRO MOR sights feature a unique simultaneous zeroing mechanism for all its aiming devices. Zeroing can be conveniently performed day or night, saving time and ammunition.

Golan Kalimi, S.V.P. Sales & Marketing – Defense, said that the MEPRO MOR sight is a result of successful collaboration with the IDF and has been actively utilized by diverse forces globally, including India, for several years. In this vast country, the system’s ability to endure challenging conditions, such as extreme heat and humidity, and support users in remote locations holds tremendous significance. We take immense pride in its continued operational deployment by the IDF, where it has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance in all environmental conditions.



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