Military aid to ukraine boosts American defence industry

By Defence Industry Europe


On November 29, an article in the “The Washington Post” highlighted the impact of military aid to Ukraine on the U.S. arms industry. Government spending analysis related to the USD 68 billion in military aid to Ukraine shows that about 90% of these funds have been retained within the United States.



This means that over USD 60 billion has been directed to American arms manufacturers, ammunition makers, and military equipment and gear providers as part of the aid to Ukraine. This financial inflow has stimulated the U.S. economy by maintaining and creating new jobs.

The aid to Ukraine also positively affects U.S. national security by increasing the production capacity of the American defence industry. This ramp-up could directly influence the outcome in the event of direct military engagement, such as a potential conflict in the Pacific.



Moreover, there has been a revival in the production of certain weapons systems. For instance, the portable FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missile system is back in production, and this is not an isolated case. Production of 155mm artillery ammunition is expected to increase from the current 15,000 rounds per month to 100,000 rounds per month.

This substantial military aid not only supports Ukraine in its defence efforts but also signifies an unprecedented boost for the U.S. defence sector, ensuring readiness and reinforcing the country’s strategic military capabilities.



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