Navantia outlines the advantages of the S-80 for the Orka program

Source: Navantia

During the 9th Maritime Security Forum, held on June 20 in Warsaw, the Spanish shipbuilding company Navantia explained the key points of the S-80 submarine design to ensure a successful and low-risk decision for the Orka Program, according to a press release from Navantia.


Navantia is offering the S-80 submarine design and the main advantages of the Spanish solution could be summarize in 5 key points: sea-proven, long-range, long-diving endurance, highly automated platform and 100% NATO supply chain.

The first of class unit, S-81 “Isaac Peral”, has been delivered to the Spanish Navy in 2023.

The S-80 is a long-range submarine, an oceanic submarine, with the highest capabilities to perform a wide range of missions, able to be deployed long distances.

Long-diving endurance with BEST AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system developed by Navantia, that will provide new tactical capabilities by reducing dramatically the Indiscretion Ratio. This cutting-edge technology allows to extend submerged endurance for weeks. The main advantage of this third-generation AIP system is that can generate the needed quantity of H2 enriched stream from bioethanol thanks to a miniaturized fuel reformer.


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A highly automated platform with an already tested great capacity to command and control the submarine from the Integrated Platform Management System and the Steering & Diving Control Systems. These redundant and reliable systems allow a reduced crew to operate safely the S80 submarine.

Besides, the submarine has an excellent depth control from very low speed to maximum speed, ensuring also a safe diving in shallow waters.

And a 100% NATO supply chain, being a great added value the fact that the S-80 submarine is the result of many collaborations between NATO world-class companies, committed to supplying state-of-the-art technology and coordinated by Navantia as the main contractor and Technical Authority.

With a wide and successful experience in cooperation and transfer of technology (ToT) programs in countries like Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Norway, Navantia is ready to support and work long-term with the Polish industry to achieve the submarine’s fleet future maintenance sovereignty.


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Navantia is offering a value proposal covering all aspects of complex naval programs. One tailored solution for the Polish Navy with complete flexibility and will assure operational support to maximize the participation of local suppliers, with long-term alliances and transferring the supply chain management to the Polish Shipyard.

The Industry Day, organized by Navantia last month, has confirmed the strong structure of the Polish naval industry to achieve these goals.



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