Nexter and Texelis secure EUR 500 million contract for Serval vehicles

By Defence Industry Europe

The French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) has awarded a EUR 500 million contract to Nexter (company of KNDS) and Texelis for the supply of 420 Serval 4x4 armoured vehicles. This order falls under the ambit of the French land forces’ Scorpion programme, aiming to modernize and enhance the operational effectiveness of the French Armed Forces.


The Serval vehicles, part of a comprehensive effort to upgrade France’s military transport and combat support infrastructure, are slated to be delivered in various configurations. These include electronic warfare, patrol, reconnaissance and surveillance, and communications variants. While the exact number of Serval vehicles to be configured for electronic warfare remains undisclosed, the contract marks a significant step in bolstering the French military’s technical and operational capabilities.




The French Armed Forces have set an ambitious goal to incorporate a total of 978 Serval tactical vehicles into their fleet under the Scorpion programme. This initiative is a critical component of the armed forces development act for 2024-2030, which was approved in January of this year, reflecting France’s commitment to modernizing its defence apparatus.


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The Serval vehicles, designed to be both cost-effective and lighter, complement the simultaneous deployment of the VBMR Griffon vehicles. Together, these vehicles represent the next generation of tactical vehicles, replacing the aging VAB wheeled transporters and significantly enhancing the mobility and versatility of French land forces.



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