North Macedonia signs EUR 250 million deal with Leonardo for military helicopters

By Defence Industry Europe

The Ministry of Defence of North Macedonia has signed a EUR 250 million procurement contract with Leonardo, the Italian defence and aerospace powerhouse, for the acquisition of eight multirole military helicopters, as part of a strategic upgrade to its aerial capabilities.


Under the terms of the agreement, between 2026 and 2028, the Armed Forces of North Macedonia are set to receive four AW149 helicopters, four AW169M helicopters, and one simulator.

The programme encompasses not only the aircraft but also logistics, training services, and the development of essential ground infrastructure to support the operation of these helicopters.



This investment is pivotal for North Macedonia, allowing for the phasing out of its outdated Soviet-era aircraft, marking a significant modernization step for its military forces.

The Ministry of Defence highlighted that the new helicopters, to be produced at Leonardo’s facilities in Italy, will enhance the operational capabilities of the North Macedonian Armed Forces.

It has been reported by North Macedonian media that Leonardo’s proposal was selected over competing bids from European and North American companies.



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