Norway sends M270 MLRS launchers and artillery radars to Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

In a collaborative effort with the United Kingdom, Norway has made the decision to donate eight M270 MLRS systems and three Arthur counter-battery radars to Ukraine.

Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram emphasizes the importance of supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom and independence: “We must continue our support to Ukraine so that they can continue their fight for freedom and independence. They need more weapons, and these are highly sought-after capabilities for Ukraine that we couldn’t provide without close cooperation with the United Kingdom.”

The Norwegian Ministry of Defence, in an official statement, did not specify the exact type of MLRS that will be sent to Ukraine. However, the M270 system is the only MLRS weapon system currently operated by the Norwegian Armed Forces.

It is worth noting that in June 2022, Norway had previously donated three M270 MLRS systems to Ukraine through the United Kingdom. By donating an additional eight systems, the Norwegian Armed Forces will retain only one M270 launcher in their arsenal.

Furthermore, Norway has decided to transfer three Arthur counter-battery radars to Ukraine. The delivery will be facilitated through the United Kingdom, which has previously supplied three radar systems of this type to Ukraine.



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