NSPA supports Nordic NATO Allies with the procurement of high-performance head system

Source: NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA)

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) awarded a new framework contract for the procurement of head system on behalf of Norway, Finland and Sweden.


Through this framework contract, the Agency placed three new orders for Galvion’s Batlskin Caiman head system. These orders, combined with previously announced orders from Norway, Finland and Sweden, take the total number of helmet systems ordered by NATO countries to over 125,000, with tens of thousands more in the pipeline.


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In November 2023, NSPA awarded a framework contract to Galvion with for the procurement of high performance Batlskin Caiman® head system and accessories, for Special Operation Forces of Norway, Finland and Sweden.



“NSPA was able to provide Nations with the consolidation of requirements for a highly technical soldier equipment. This contract is the perfect example of NSPA’s added value to Nations and Industry: through the use of the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange, the Agency combined technical requirements and technology, enabling Nations to buy the necessary equipment on a web-platform,” said Celine Danielli, NSPA General and Cooperative Service Programme Manager.


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