Patria: significant sales growth in 2022

Source: Patria

The value of new orders received by Patria Group during the financial year 2022 was EUR 794.8 million (EUR 588.7 million in 2021). Commercial agreement with Slovakia on the delivery project for 76 Patria AMV XP 8x8 vehicles had a significant impact on the value of new orders, Patria said in the Annual Report 2022.

According to Patria, defence material and life cycle support accounted for 92% (93%) and civilian products for 8% (7%) of the new orders. At the end of December, the Patria Group’s order stock was EUR 1,751.2 million (EUR 1,550.3 million).

The Group’s operating profit for the financial period was EUR 53.8 million, representing 8.6% of net sales (2021: EUR 61.2 million, 11.2%; 2020: EUR 40.3 million, 7.5%). The consolidated income before taxes for the financial period amounted to EUR 49.7 million (2021: EUR 56.6 million; 2020: EUR 36.7 million). The Group’s return on equity for the financial period was 15.8% (2021: 20.1%; 2020: 13.8%).

Patria Group’s net sales and profitability were at a planned level and the development of order stock was solid. Profitability for the financial year 2022 was at a strong level for the third consecutive year.

During the financial period Patria grew and evolved determinedly in line with its growth strategy launched in January. To support strategic growth, Patria adopted a renewed operational structure as of beginning of 2022. The systematic development of customer-centricity, operational efficiency and new ways of working has continued throughout the financial year, Patria said in the Annual Report 2022.



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