PESCO: four EU countries collaborate on Next Generation Medium Helicopter

By Defence Industry Europe

On May 23, the Council of the European Union approved 11 new defence projects under the framework of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO). Among these projects is the Next Generation Medium Helicopter (NGMH), a collaborative effort aimed at establishing a dedicated forum to address operational requirements related to both upgrading existing fleets and developing the European Next Generation Rotorcraft.

The initiative seeks to harmonise the needs and timelines of EU member countries regarding future rotorcraft capabilities.

According to PESCO’s official documents, the NGMH project will ensure the availability and suitability of European Union helicopter fleets until 2040, while also facilitating the development of the European Next Generation Rotorcraft to effectively handle high-intensity conflicts.

Four European countries are actively participating in the NGMH project, with France serving as the coordinator. The other involved nations include Spain, Italy, and Finland.




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