Pistorius: Germany doubles military aid to Ukraine to EUR 8 Billion in 2024

By Defence Industry Europe

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius announced a significant increase in military support for Ukraine, with a commitment to double the aid to EUR 8 billion in 2024.


Pistorius emphasized that this move represents “a strong signal to Ukraine,” especially at a time when global attention is divided due to the Israel-Hamas conflict. He stressed the importance of showing unwavering support to Ukraine in its efforts to repel Russian forces.

The increased allocation comes in response to the experiences of the current year, as Pistorius pointed out that the initially planned amounts were quickly depleted. This adjustment aims to ensure Ukraine has the necessary resources to continue its defence.



The budgetary increase is expected to receive approval from the Bundestag’s budget committee in the upcoming adjustment session, starting Thursday. Following this, it will proceed to a parliamentary vote, marking a crucial step in formalizing the support.

The announcement coincides with the anniversary of the formation of the post-war German Bundeswehr military on November 12, 1955. Pistorius attended a commemorative ceremony in Berlin, highlighting the historical significance of the date in relation to the current situation.

Earlier reports, citing unnamed insiders, indicated that Germany plans to classify the additional aid as defence spending. This strategic categorization is likely to help Germany achieve NATO’s 2% defence spending target by 2024.



The German government has been vocal about its intention to ramp up military expenditure. However, it faces challenges in accelerating recruitment and procurement processes to match these commitments.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February last year, Germany has emerged as one of Ukraine’s principal allies. The country has provided approximately €22 billion in various forms of aid, including humanitarian, financial, and military support, showcasing its commitment to the Ukrainian cause.



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