Poland signs framework agreement for 486 M142 HIMARS launchers

By Martin Chomsky, Defence Industry Europe

The Polish Armament Agency has officially signed a framework agreement with Lockheed Martin, the American arms giant, for the procurement of components related to the M142 HIMARS launchers. These launchers are intended to equip the Polish missile systems, known as Homar-A. The framework agreement encompasses a potential maximum acquisition of 486 M142 HIMARS launchers.

It is important to note that this framework agreement does not constitute a direct contract for the supply of weapon systems to Poland. The agreement’s implementation will be contingent upon the subsequent signing of individual executive agreements with both Polish and American entities, as confirmed by the Polish Ministry of National Defence.


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The Polish Armament Agency has disclosed that the newly acquired equipment will enable them to equip a total of 27 rocket artillery units. Alongside the launchers, supplementary provisions for ammunition, logistics, and training packages are also part of the procurement plan. The American side has committed to providing necessary technical support. Delivery of these systems is anticipated to commence towards the end of 2025.

Polish industry is poised to receive orders for various support vehicles, including command vehicles, technical security vehicles, ammunition vehicles, and technical evacuation vehicles. Moreover, technology transfer arrangements are expected to facilitate the adaptation of American weaponry, including the integration of the launchers with Jelcz chassis and Topaz combat management systems. Plans also include the acquisition of technology related to a specific missile utilized in HIMARS sets.



On February 7, the US Department of State granted consent for the potential sale of launchers and artillery modules, encompassing 468 M142 HIMARS missile launchers, in addition to various types of missiles and supplementary equipment to Poland. The total package is valued at a maximum amount of USD 10 billion.



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