Rafael and Pearson Engineering collaborate on SAMSON 30mm RWS

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company Rafael has announced that Pearson Engineering will play a significant role in delivering the SAMSON 30mm Remote Weapon Station (RWS).


Initially aimed at UK opportunities, the collaboration will see critical knowledge and skills transferred to the Newcastle-based team. This strategic development supports current thinking around Boxer’s role on the battlefield as the foundation of a dispersed medium force.

The SAMSON 30mm RWS is an advanced remote-controlled weapon station that incorporates a suite of sophisticated combat capabilities, including SPIKE, the world’s leading anti-tank guided missile used by 20 NATO members and throughout Europe. The setup also includes a partnership with EUROTROPHY to offer TROPHY as a proven active protection system for Boxer. The advanced, precise strike capabilities of SPIKE, together with the TROPHY active protection system, allow BOXER to conduct operations in more challenging conditions and undertake new types of missions to meet the needs of the current operational environment.



Pearson Engineering recently announced a contract from KNDS to supply mission module fabrications for the British Army’s BOXER vehicle. This contract award firmly cements Pearson Engineering’s position within the UK BOXER Team. It also builds upon Pearson Engineering’s rapidly growing expertise across UK land manufacturing programs, which includes the delivery of Challenger 3 turret structures and armor packs for Ajax.

“Pearson Engineering has achieved a reputation as a leading defense manufacturer and comes with a rich heritage and expertise in providing the UK MOD with effective defense solutions and capabilities. Through Pearson Engineering, RAFAEL’s sophisticated technologies will be readily available for the UK MOD. RAFAEL is proud to be providing the know-how and unique systems in its portfolio to recently acquired Pearson Engineering. Through the SAMSON 30mm RWS and the unique suite of capabilities that Pearson Engineering is offering the UK MOD, we are confident that together we will be able to strengthen our support for our British partners.” – Ran Gozali, Executive Vice President at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems



“Pearson Engineering is a proud and longstanding provider of products and manufacturing services to the UK MoD, with expertise developed through our work with users all around the world. This strategic initiative with RAFAEL will see a step change in our potential to contribute to British Army programs, enhancing skills, jobs, and capabilities at Armstrong Works, and providing valuable new opportunities for export.” – Craig Priday, Managing Director at Pearson Engineering.



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