Rheinmetall presents new Mission Master CXT for the first time in Europe

Source: Rheinmetall

At Eurosatory 2024, Rheinmetall is presenting the latest member of the Mission Master family of Uncrewed Ground Systems (UGS), the CXT, for the first time in Europe. The autonomous vehicle with its unique hybrid powertrain will be equipped with the Khronos Advanced Tethered DroneBox: a powerful surveillance solution for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and mobile operations.


The Rheinmetall Mission Master family of Uncrewed Ground Systems consists of three platforms: SP, CXT and XT. The Mission Master SP is a compact UGS with a lowsignature electric motor and amphibious capabilities, and therefore an invaluable asset when silence is a must. The larger Rheinmetall Mission Master CXT and XT vehicles can tackle ice and snow, as well as sandy, rocky, and mountainous topography. Their advanced amphibious capabilities allow them to float and swim while maintaining their full payload capacity of 1000 kg.


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The Mission Master CXT—on display at Eurosatory— is slightly smaller than the XT and features a hybrid powertrain, allowing it to carry heavy payloads silently. The XT is the largest Mission Master vehicle and is equipped with diesel propulsion.



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