Rheinmetall refurbishes Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 tanks for Ukraine

By Defence Industry Europe

We are currently refurbishing 50 Leopard 2 and 100 Leopard 1 tanks, Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger told the German newspaper “Neue Ruhr Zeitung”.

According to Rheinmetall CEO, the company wants to buy an additional 36 Leopard 2 main battle tanks from Switzerland that has a reserve stock of these tanks. However, Bern hasn’t made any decisions on this at the moment.

German defence company is refurbishing Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 tanks with the intention of further exporting them to Ukraine. Another possible option for these tanks will be donated by the German Federal Government to Ukraine. However, tanks are now owned by Rheinmetall.

As Defence Industry Europe reported, in February, CEO of Rheinmetall said the company expects to supply Ukraine with 20-25 refurbished Leopard 1 tanks this year. At the same time, Armin Papperger told the “Bild am Sontag” newspaper that Rheinmetall will be ready to send the first batch of refurbished Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine at the beginning of 2024.



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