Rheinmetall to open armoured vehicle plant in Ukraine in 12 weeks

By Defence Industry Europe

Rheinmetall, the largest arms manufacturer in Germany, has announced plans to open an armoured vehicle manufacturing plant in Ukraine within the next 12 weeks. The plant will be strategically located in the western region of Ukraine, Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger said in an interview with CNN.

One of the key aspects of this venture is the commitment to train Ukrainian personnel in the maintenance of tanks and other armoured vehicles produced at the facility. Papperger emphasized that the plant will primarily focus on the assembly and repair of Rheinmetall Fuchs armoured personnel carriers under license.

The operation of the plant will be carried out in collaboration with Ukrainian defence industry. The partnership between Rheinmetall and Ukrainian industry aims to bolster Ukraine’s defence technology capabilities, as previously outlined in their agreement announced in May.


Highlighting the future plans, Papperger mentioned that Rheinmetall is projected to significantly ramp up its annual production of artillery shells next year. The production volume will soar from the current 100,000 to a remarkable 600,000 units. Notably, a substantial portion of this increased production will be designated for delivery to Ukraine.

Papperger further emphasized that Rheinmetall has the potential to fulfill up to 60% of Ukraine’s needs for artillery ammunition.


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