Royal Norwegian Air Force F-35s have a watchful eye over Iceland

Story by Allied Air Command Public Affairs Office

The four Norwegian F-35s from Ørland, Norway at Keflavik Air Base, Iceland have been certified by the Combined Air Operations Centre, Uedem, Germany, enabling the Norwegians to continue their watchful eye in the High North.

Air Policing is a 24/7/365 days peacetime mission, which Norway is already doing with their Quick Reaction Alert from Evenes Air Base in Norway. Their rotation to Iceland is ensuring full coverage of the High North region.

“It is important for Norway, being a NATO ally, to be a firm supporter of the Alliance and to show our commitment, willingness and capability in such a mission at Iceland”, said Detachment Commander Lieutenant Colonel Trond Haugen. “As a small country in NATO, we are also obliged to participate and make sure we do our part in the Alliance,” he continued.

Iceland’s geography makes the country a key NATO ally in a particular position. These periodic rotations in Iceland provide opportunity for NATO nations to train in all existing weather conditions. Cooperating with the Icelandic Coast Guard, Norway will demonstrate the importance of surveillance and sovereignty in NATO’s airspace.

The focus of the peacetime preparedness mission is to carry out routine flying training and exercises for the Alliance to meet Iceland’s requirements and needs to stay prepared, monitor and manage its airspace in peacetime.


Source: Allied Air Command.



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