SKYctrl C-UAS system introduced into service in Polish Armed Forces

By Maciej Lew-Mirski (Senior Defence Advisor at NGL Advisory)

The head of the Polish Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak announced in social media that the equipment of the Polish Armed Forces includes the SKYctrl system for fighting unmanned aerial vehicles (C-UAS system) produced by the Polish company Advanced Protection Systems Inc. It is to complement the multi-layered air defence of the territory of Poland.

SKYctrl can protect, for example, batteries of medium-range air defense systems codenamed “Wisła” (Patriot system from Raytheon Technologies) and short-range air defense systems codenamed “Narew” (CAMM effectors from MBDA).

SKYctrl consists of a set of sensors, including a configurable X-band radar (with an instrumental range of 7 to 50 km), an acoustic sensor, an RF sensor for detecting communication systems and optoelectronic sensors. The unmanned aerial vehicle is attacked with a jamming device with an output power of 10 to 140 W, operating in 20 bands, including ISM, VHF, UHF, UMTS, LTE, GNSS, WiFi and VHF. The whole thing is integrated as part of a web application for monitoring, configuration and system control in the form of the CyView C2 command and control system.

Advanced Protection Systems Inc. proprietary technologies enable e.g. accurately track multiple targets simultaneously, distinguish between birds and drones, report the exact 3D position of an object in real-time, detect moving single and multiple drones and entire swarms for an information advantage on the battlefield. They also allow instant classification thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep recognition of all flying objects and effective neutralization thanks to multi-band jamming, including GNSS and the possibility of hard-kill integration.

The system was used during the war in Ukraine.



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