SONAC ACS: acoustic minesweeping system from Patria

By Defence Industry Europe

At this year’s Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, Finnish defence company Patria showcased the SONAC ACS, a state-of-the-art solution designed for sweeping modern influence mines using advanced acoustics.


Patria SONAC ACS effectively simulates the sound of any ship, providing outstanding performance in Mine Setting Mode (MSM), Target Simulation Mode (TSM), and Mine Jamming Mode (MJM). It is capable of transmitting recorded acoustic waveforms with high sound pressure over a large frequency band. The intensity and spatial diversity of the underwater sound field can be further increased by using multiple SONAC ACS units.



The Patria SONAC ACS effectively sweeps both legacy sea mines and modern sea mines with advanced acoustic triggering. It produces high sound pressure over a wide frequency band (from infra- to ultrasonic bands), essentially capable of simulating any ship. The system is especially suitable for TSM as it can transmit any acoustic waveform signals.

The real-time operation of the acoustic sweeping gear is straightforward. During the mission, the operator can select the desired acoustic signal from a signature library and start the acoustic sweeping. Alternatively, the operator can design a custom signal for acoustic sweeping when needed. Smooth operation during sweeping is enabled by a user-friendly interface that provides controls and settings for the sweep, as well as views to monitor the system’s status.


More information: visit the Patria website.



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