South Korea interested in Rafael’s Sky Spotter system

By Arie Egozi

South Korea is considering the purchase of Israeli-made anti-drone systems. This comes after North Korean drones entered the nation's air space in December.

The first system to be evaluated is the Rafael Sky Spotter which is capable of detecting small drones.

Utilizing a network of sophisticated optical sensors, Sky Spotter can use radar countermeasures to find small targets or aircraft. In order to prevent false alerts, the system uses AI to separate, classify, and identify objects.



The Sky Spotter is a cutting-edge passive early warning electro-optical (EO) system sensor for accurate tracking of aerial objects, such as drones, airplanes, and UAVs.

According to Rafael, it uses sophisticated artificial intelligence, image processing, and automation algorithms. The company says that the Sky Spotter is an essential part of standalone AS&W for force protection, air situational awareness, and support for C-UAS/GBAD systems.

Sky Spotter has a wide-field-of-view staring sensor that keeps continual watch, and its imagery is processed to lock-and-track numerous targets at once and to automatically give a sense-and-warn function. In a networked system, the quantity of staring sensors can be expanded to guarantee complete coverage

These sensors automatically detect suspicious objects, and when they do, the system alerts an investigating sensor with a considerably smaller field of view that is capable of giving an active defence systems the accurate point of it that will ensure a kill of the incoming threat.

Israeli sources said that in addition to evaluating this passive detection system South Korea may soon evaluate some Israel systems that are designed to kill hostile UAV’s and drones.



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