Sweden and US sign landmark Defence Cooperation Agreement

By Defence Industry Europe

Sweden and the United States have taken a significant step towards bolstering their military ties with the signing of a Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA). The agreement, signed by Swedish Minister for Defence Pål Jonson and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, establishes a framework for the presence and operations of US forces in Sweden.


This landmark agreement, signed at the Pentagon, addresses critical aspects such as the legal status of US forces in Sweden, access to Swedish deployment areas, and the pre-positioning of US military equipment. The DCA not only enhances the operational readiness of both nations but also signifies a deepened commitment to regional security in the Nordic region.



The DCA is pivotal in reinforcing Sweden’s defence capabilities and, by extension, strengthens the security framework of neighboring countries. This agreement is seen as a strategic move to demonstrate US engagement and presence in the region.



Sweden now joins a growing list of European countries, including Norway (which signed its DCA in 2021), Finland, and Denmark, that are in the process of formalizing similar defence agreements with the United States.



Specifically, the DCA outlines the Swedish Armed Forces’ areas and facilities where US forces will be allowed access for visits and joint activities. The full details of these arrangements are outlined in the attached DCA document.

Before the DCA can be fully operational, it requires ratification by the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament) and the implementation of necessary legislative amendments. The process is expected to be completed, with the DCA coming into effect, by 2024.



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