Sweden contributes to NATO Air Policing with Gripen fighters

By Defence Industry Europe

In a recent press release, the Swedish government announced its decision to contribute with JAS 39 Gripen aircraft to NATO's air surveillance mission, NATO Air Policing. This move grants the Swedish Armed Forces the flexibility to allocate aircraft for air surveillance missions under NATO command on short notice.


Sweden’s integration into NATO’s defence planning marks a significant step, as the country now participates in NATO’s collective defence. This involvement includes contributing to and being part of NATO’s force and command structure.

A core task of NATO is to maintain its integrated air and missile defence. NATO Air Policing is a crucial component of this, operating similarly to Sweden’s national air surveillance. The constant objective is to preserve the integrity of NATO’s airspace and deter potential airborne attacks.

The Swedish government has confirmed that this decision signifies Sweden’s next step as a NATO member, contributing Gripen aircraft to NATO’s air surveillance. The primary contributor will be F17 Wing in Ronneby, with the Swedish aircraft primarily operating from bases within Sweden, focusing on the Baltic Sea region.



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