Swedish supreme commander: support to Ukraine makes a difference to the war

Source: Swedish Armed Forces

Swedish Armed Forces Supreme Commander, Micael Bydén, recently visited Ukraine where he met the defence minister and his Ukrainian counterpart, Valeriy Zaluznyy. He also visited the front where he met personnel from the brigade that uses Swedish materiel and has been trained by Swedish instructors.


“I wanted to see for myself how the support is received on location and make sure that it really makes a difference”, says Micael Bydén.

This was one of the main purposes with the trip to Ukraine – to see how artillery system Archer and combat vehicle 90 have been put to use and what effect the systems have had.



“The Ukrainian soldiers stressed that they were very pleased and grateful for the training that they have been given and they are impressed by the high quality of the materiel systems”.

We will continue to support Ukraine, says Supreme Commander Bydén, but in another form, with a focus on training and military advice.

“We have delivered efficient systems such as Archer and combat vehicle 90. Now we will have to concentrate on the supply, and to ensure that the materiel works and can be used, as concerns maintenance, spare parts and ammunition”, says Supreme Commander Bydén.



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