Terma’s military maintenance facility in Lystrup ready to work

Source: Terma

Terma’s facilities in Lystrup, Aarhus has passed an audit carried out by the Danish Defense Technical Airworthiness Authority and is now certified to perform military aviation maintenance work independently in accordance with DKMAR145 requirements.

Danish Defense Technical Airworthiness Authority has handed over the DKMAR145 certificate to Terma A/S as the first Danish owned private company. The Lystrup facility is now certified to do maintenance of military aerospace equipment according to the DKMAR145/EMAR145 regulations for continuous airworthiness.

Being first mover on the DKMAR145 in Denmark is a proof of Terma’s commitment to comply to the highest aviation safety standards with regards to maintenance of military aerospace equipment. The certification is also underlining Terma’s ambitions on investing in multinational airworthiness standards.

This approval is based on the common European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMAR) aiming at harmonizing approaches to military aviation in European countries. In the future, military aviation programs in Europe will be issued to tender in accordance with the EMAR standards.

DKMAR145 as a Business Enabler

Being awarded with the DKMAR145 and the fact that Denmark has recently fully entered the EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy, means that Terma can now ensure that our capabilities are recognized on an international level. Other EU member states will recognize the DKMAR145 equal to the EMAR of the specific countries e.g., FRAMAR145 for France and NLDMAR145 for The Netherlands.

The implementation of the DKMAR145 in Terma Lystrup Enhances Terma’s right to play for International Military Business and is an enabler to do maintenance with a harmonized and common European approach. The result of this certification is that Terma can play a central role in large scale multinational proposals with full compliance on maintenance. The DKMAR145 label is an important requirement for growth within the European aeronautics market.

“With DKMAR145 certified suppliers we ensure that parts for Danish military aircraft are maintained in controlled environment, where the maintenance is handled in according to approved data and authorized personnel in competent organizations” says Airworthiness Review Engineer & Auditor Jesper Vistoft from the The Danish Defense and Logistics Organization (DALO).

“Terma is continuously expanding our capabilities to serve Airforce customers to the highest standards, and the awarded DKMAR 145 certification is testimony to this journey. Being the first private company in Denmark to be DKMAR 145 certified is an achievement, but more importantly, the certification team and the Danish Airforce have worked closely together to reach this objective. I trust the DKMAR 145 will enable Terma to build closer partnerships with European AF customers, and it is an important step into providing more services and added value to our customers” says Thorbjørn Machholm, Senior Vice President, Support and Services at Terma.


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