Ukroboronprom cooperates with NATO country in the production of mortar ammunition

By Defence Industry Europe

Ukrainian state-owned defence enterprise Ukroboronprom and unspecified NATO member country have jointly launched the production of 120 mm mortar ammunition. This was announced by Ukroboronprom on February 9.


According to the Ukrainian defence company, the production of 120 mm mortar ammunition is carried out in several facilities in different locations. Some of them are located in one of the European NATO member countries, the Ukroboronprom said.

The production of 120 mm mortar ammunition was launched to fulfill the contract that Ukroboronprom recently signed with the Ministry of  Defence of Ukraine. The mortar rounds will be supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine which make massive use of this weaponry during the war.

The 120 mm mortar rounds can hit the target at a distance of 7-8 km.

This is another collaboration between Ukroboronprom and the foreign defence industry. Recently, the Ukrainian enterprise also launched the production of 82 mm mortar ammunition in an unspecified NATO member country.



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