Ukroboronprom to start production of NATO-standard artillery ammunition

By Defence Industry Europe

Ukrainian state-run defence company Ukroboronprom, is expanding its manufacturing capabilities to produce 155mm artillery projectiles, which are the NATO standard caliber. This move was announced by Natalia Sad, the company's spokesperson.

According to Sad, Ukroboronprom has already successfully manufactured 82mm mortar mines, 122mm and 152mm artillery rounds, and 125mm tank shells. The focus now lies on mastering the production of 155mm NATO caliber projectiles, as the Ukrainian army heavily relies on artillery systems of this caliber.

Sad highlighted that the Ukroboronprom, along with its partners, has the capacity to produce tens of thousands of projectiles monthly across various calibers. The production output is consistently growing, demonstrating the Ukroboronprom’s commitment to meeting the demands of the military.

By expanding their manufacturing capabilities to include 155mm artillery projectiles, Ukroboronprom aims to enhance Ukraine’s defence capabilities and ensure a steady supply of ammunition for their artillery systems.



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