US strengthens military presence in region to support Israel

By Arie Egozi

Israel will use all its "war tools" if Iran becomes actively involved in the war in Gaza, according to Israeli defense sources. The sources declined to elaborate but warned Tehran that the reaction will be fierce.


Foreign media claims that Israel has at least one submarine armed with “special systems” in the Persian Gulf.

The possibility that Iran will get actively involved in the war is one of the reasons for the visit of U.S. President Joe Biden to Israel scheduled for tomorrow.



In the meantime, the U.S. is completing its presence in the region with two aircraft carriers and fighter aircraft that landed in Jordan.

As part of its efforts to prevent the conflict between Israel and Hamas from escalating further, the U.S. is reportedly increasing its use of force in the region. According to CNN, a U.S. Marine rapid response force is moving to the waters off the coast of Israel, and the Pentagon is preparing American troops for potential deployment there.

Hossein Amirabdollahian, the foreign minister of Iran, issued a warning on Monday night that the country’s regional allies may attack Israel first “in the coming hours.”



“In the coming hours, any preemptive action against the Zionist regime is conceivable,” said Amirabdollahian, referencing his recent meeting with Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah in an interview with Iranian television. “The leaders of the resistance will not allow the Zionist regime to do whatever it wants in Gaza and then go to other fronts of the resistance.”

The foreign minister further asserted that Iran “does not give orders” to the terrorist organizations and militias in the region that it supports, collectively referred to as “the Axis of Resistance.



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