VINCORION to supply power systems for Switzerland’s Patriot

Source: VINCORION Advanced Systems, Defence Industry Europe

Switzerland has ordered five Patriot air and missile defence systems from U.S. manufacturer Raytheon as the Swiss air defence solution under the “Air 2030” programme. The power supply for the systems is being provided by the German technology company VINCORION.

“VINCORION is proud to provide the power supply for one of the world’s best air defence systems, as it has again been proven in the Ukraine recently,” the company said in a statement.

“This provides the Patriot system with a stable, reliable and battle proven power supply for the radar and fire units”, said Stefan Stenzel, CEO of VINCORION.


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Self-Sufficient Radar Operation

The order includes “EPP radarV” (“Electric Power Plants”) units that supply power to the radar system and 15-kilowatt power generators that will be supplied for the Patriot launcher. The order further includes frequency converters rated at 150 kilowatts and converters rated at two times 15 kilowatts each. This allows to power the Patriot System without any CO2 emissions directly from the public grid. In this configuration, the generators remain as back-up power source. “Security and military superiority depend on reliable radar operation that is self-sufficient at all times,” emphasizes Stefan Stenzel. VINCORION manufactures the power supply for Patriot at its site in Altenstadt, Bavaria.

In June of 2021, the Swiss Government announced its intent to purchase the proven Patriot™ system for its ground-based air defence, selected as the preferred solution after evaluation as part of the competitive BODLUV GR Air2030 tender.



Modernizing the Patriot system’s energy supply

Patriot is an air and missile defence system consisting of radars, command and control, and interceptor missiles. It can detect, identify, and engage cruise missiles, drones, advanced fighter aircraft and other airborne threats.

VINCORION is consistently working on modernizing the energy supply. To this end, the company is developing new hybrid solutions. These can reduce fuel consumption and thus lead to lower operating costs. This is because lower emissions mean lower consumption of resources – and help reduce the number of personnel who have to be deployed for refueling operations, for example. However, there are no compromises in terms of performance.


320x250 – for mobile devices


The Patriot system is the basis for an integrated air and missile defence system for 18 nations. In Europe, the system’s customers include Germany, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Romania. VINCORION has been a supplier to Patriot for 30 years.




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