Berlin and Paris advance collaboration on Main Ground Combat System (MGCS)

By Defence Industry Europe

Berlin and Paris have made significant progress in discussions on the development and task division for the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS), a planned next-generation tank. This development was shared by the defence ministers of Germany and France, emphasizing the strategic importance of this project in Franco-German defence cooperation.


The MGCS initiative seeks to create a tank that will succeed the currently deployed Leopard tanks in Germany and Leclerc tanks in France. This project represents a key element of the defence collaboration between the two nations, which also includes the joint effort to develop a next-generation fighter jet, known as the FCAS.



During a joint press conference, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius, alongside French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu, announced progress in discussions, highlighting a mutual understanding to equally share industrial tasks related to the MGCS project. A formal event to mark the beginning of the first phase of development is anticipated to be held in Paris on April 26.



Furthermore, Lecornu provided an update on the FCAS fighter jet program, noting satisfactory progress without delving into specifics.

This development reflects the deepening defence partnership between Germany and France, aimed at enhancing their defence capabilities and contributing to European security.

Details regarding the initiation of the MGCS project will be further elaborated during the upcoming event in Paris.



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