Brazilian Air Force order two GM200 MM/A air surveillance radars from Thales

Source: Thales

The Brazilian Air Force has acquired the Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission All-in-One (GM200 MM/A) tactical air surveillance radars from Thales. This acquisition is set to reinforce Brazil's air sovereignty and bolster its ground-based air defence operations.


The GM200 MM/A radars, known for their high mobility and tactical advantage, provide superior situational awareness. They are equipped with cutting-edge 4D AESA dual-axis multi-beam technology, offering exceptional precision and extended range. This advanced technology ensures the detection of a wide range of aerial threats, including low, small, and slow targets like mini-drones.

The Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), through the Airspace Control System Implementation Commission (CISCEA), has signed a contract with Thales to procure these state-of-the-art radars. This contract marks a significant step in enhancing Brazil’s air surveillance capabilities, addressing threats from low-flying mini-drones to faster, more agile targets at longer ranges.


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The GM200 MM/A radar family is designed for modern multi-mission air surveillance and ground-based air defence missions, providing instant superior situational awareness. The radars feature new-generation 4D AESA and dual-axis multi-beam technology, offering flexibility in elevation and bearing. These software-defined radars are future-proof, ready for upgrades and expansion to meet evolving threats.

The compact and autonomous design of the GM200 MM/A allows it to fit into a single 20-foot ISO standard package weighing less than 10 tons. With built-in lifting systems, the radar can be easily transported by various means, including road, rail, boat, helicopter, and tactical aircraft, ensuring rapid deployment and operational readiness. The radar can be deployed by two personnel in under 15 minutes, with its antenna operating on an 8-meter mast and an embedded power generator sustaining over 24 hours of autonomous operation.

The GM200 MM/A also integrates a local command and control capability within its cabin, accommodating up to two operators. This feature enhances the radar’s operational efficiency and survivability.



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