Britain and Norway will support Ukraine in building coastal and maritime defence

Source: Norwegian Ministry of Defence

"Britain, Norway and several other nations will assist in the strengthening of Ukraine’s security along their coastlines and to the sea. Ukraine will receive the support they need to build their own maritime capabilities," says defence minister Bjørn Arild Gram.


On December 11, the British and the Norwegian minister of defence announced a maritime collaboration with Ukraine.

“I would like to thank Great Britain for taking the initiative in developing this coalition, and for hosting the launch of «Maritime Capability Coalition» here in London today. The defence of Ukraine is of vital importance to Euro-Atlantic safety,” states Norwegian defence minister Bjørn Arild Gram.


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Allied and partner nations have been in dialog on how we can organize military support for Ukraine in the future, and different coalitions have been established in order to aid Ukraine.

“The goal is to further develop the work that allies and partners are doing to support Ukraine, both in the short and long term. Norway, Britain and several other nations will now begin with developing a lasting maritime defence for Ukraine. This is a long-term project and the support will demand a lot of hard work in many years to come,” says Gram.



As a maritime nation Norway can contribute maritime expertise, new technological solutions and innovations.

“We must assist Ukraine in opening trade routes and ensuring free passage in the Black Sea. Our goal is to enhance Ukraine’s naval defence and improve its ability to operate along its own coast. Norway has conducted training for Ukrainian soldiers in small boat operations and will be able to build upon this support when concrete plans for further development are finalized,” says the Norwegian Minister of Defence.



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