Denmark and Czech Republic sign cooperation agreement on donations to Ukraine

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Denmark and the Czech Republic sign a cooperation agreement – Memorandum of Understanding – on a closer bilateral defence cooperation, including to secure future donations to Ukraine.


Denmark and the Czech Republic are continuing to deepen the collaboration on military donations to Ukraine. A formal cooperation agreement –Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – has been concluded between the two countries.

The agreement describes the overall framework for a closer bilateral defence cooperation in a number of areas. The core of the cooperation is to secure additional donations of weapons and military equipment of high quality and speedy delivery to the armed forces of Ukraine.


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“We have already send a significant amount of military donations to Ukraine in cooperation with the Czech Republic. Donations desperately needed by the Ukrainians. With this agreement, we emphasise the strong cooperation with the Czechs and create the framework for future donations via the Czech Republic,” states the Danish Minister for Defence Troels Lund Poulsen.

A decision was made on donations of weapons, ammunition and equipment via the Czech Republic to Ukraine in connection with the Donation Package XII and XIII of the Danish Government in the autumn of 2023.

The cooperation agreement entails that future donations to Ukraine follow the already established modes of operation. Denmark transfers the funding directly to the Czech Ministry of Defence. The Czech Ministry of Defence has the direct contact with the involved companies for each donation. In addition, the Czech Ministry of Defence carry out quality assurance, delivery, negotiate final conditions, etc.



“Close bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and Denmark is a significant step towards ensuring steady stream of military assistance to Ukraine that is not only in line with the current urgent needs but a building block in terms of the transformation of Ukrainian Armed Forces towards NATO standards, while providing technological superiority on the battlefield,” says the Czech Deputy Defence Minister Daniel Blažkovec.

The cooperation agreement will further more open the opportunity for closer dialogue between Denmark and the Czech Republic within defence policy planning as well as increased cooperation between the Danish and Czech defence industries.



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