Deter and Defend: sending clear messages [VIDEO]

Story and video by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

The ‘Deter and Defend’ framework provides clear strategic objectives, fostering a common understanding of purpose within the Alliance and enhancing NATO’s ability to send clear messages through operations and activities across the globe.

“The NATO Alliance sends messages through our words, ideas and the values we share. The ‘Deter and Defend’ strategy brings together our actions and our words helping to ensure our Alliance remains strong, our citizens safe and our values secure,” said Lieutenant Colonel Kendrah Allison, SHAPE Chief of Media Operations.

Allies adjust forces, capabilities, and military exercises, which clearly demonstrates the overall readiness of the collective Alliance. These activities send a clear message to challengers while assuring our populations of our unity and resolve to protect each other. Other activities such as NATO’s advanced capabilities, professionalism and fighting forces serve to deter those who may wish to do us harm.

NATO is a defensive alliance, and our activities are responsible, proportional and transparent in nature. ‘Deter and Defend’ is the framework from which NATO demonstrates our capability and willingness to defend our nations and citizens.


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